Welcome to the Seniors Moving Safely Website

This website is about road safety for older people. Many older people are unaware that road safety can be a significant issue for them, so we hope to:

  • Provide you with interesting and useful information;
  • Increase your awareness of road safety issues; and
  • Help you be safer as a driver, pedestrian, or other road user.

As you will see, there are some clear issues for older people as road users that make those aged 60 and over more vulnerable and at greater risk of serious injury. There are also some actions that can be taken to

reduce that risk. We will present information that will help you to increase your safety on the roads and pedestrian networks around our lovely capital.

Information available covers:

  • Driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle.
  • Being a pedestrian.
  • The Impact of Medications.
  • Some Alternative Transport Options.
  • Using a Motorised Scooter.
  • Riding a motor cycle.
  • Riding a bicycle.

Take a tour of the site and select the information that is most relevant for you.